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Instituto Brasil Acessível
*promoting a built environment for all*

The Brazilian Institute for Research, Development and Promotion of Social Inclusion in the Built Environment (Instituto Brasileiro de Pesquisas, Desenvolvimento e Promoção da Inclusão Social no Ambiente Construído) – Brasil Acessível

Instituto Brasil Acessível is a Public Interest Civil Society Organization (OSCIP) whose mission is to foster social inclusion through the built environment, promote education, social and economic development and combat exclusion, while contributing to the integration of individuals in society.


To work for the expansion of access and inclusion conditions in the built environment through mechanisms allowing all elderly and disabled citizens to have universal access to all urban equipment, residential, business and institutional facilities.


Instituto Brasil Acessível aims to become a national reference in proposing alternatives for the social inclusion in the built environment by promoting actions that will give access and enable all citizens to use all spaces.

Action Areas

Instituto Brasil Acessível understands that in order to reach its goals, it will have to work at three different levels: education, regulation and implementation.

The Institute develops projects in these areas directed to its target audience: everyone.